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Unattended Errors?!...help

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when i made my unattended iso i tried it on the virtual machine and got the following errors:

1. Windows Cannot Find C:\Install\Unattended make sure u typed the name correctly and then try again. To search for a file click start button then click search.

2. all my programs werent installed but they were in the C:\Install directory

3. Logon Message: (some of the letters got cut off in the pic but the rest says: username and password are correct, then type password again. Letters in password must be typed using correct case.

i think its saying that my password is incorrect but i didnt have a password:S

i would post pics but when i try to attach them it doesnt work?

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When do you get the first error message? If it's when you're trying to install your programs, then it means that the batch file or registry entry can't find the program that you're trying to install.

As for the second question, if you've messed up a switch or a setup.ini file, then sometimes the installer will simply quit without doing anything.

Dunno about the last question.

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i get the first error message after windows is done installing and im logging in and as soon as i log in it gives me the first error.

what switch or setup.ini file might have i messed up?

and can anyone help me with the last error?

how do i reduce the size of a picture so i can post it...i get an error saying the file is too big.

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Wow...it looks like you're copying over a ton of stuff to the hard disk. I recommend you just run the installers off of your CD drive instead of wasting all that time (and space) to copy the files. Look at this topic for a wide variety of different ways to find the CD drive as a variable to use in your RunOnceEx.cmd file.

For your first and second errors, when I look at the screenshots you posted, there is no "Unattended" folder. Change your install path to C:\Install, and it should be able to find everything.

For the third error, make sure that you aren't importing an autologin registry key.

Oh, and lastly...

as you can see i dont have the original luna xp theme:S i have an old one no.gif
The classic theme is wayyyyyy better than Luna :thumbup
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