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BroadCom NIC caused Unattended to restart (cycling

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Does anyone has any problem with Broadcom 57xx NIC with Unattended XP? Everytime I included in the $OEM$\Drivers\NIC, it cause the Windows setup to restart during the completion (T30-32) of Installing Network. I've tried both original drivers that came with GX280, download from Dell, and directly from Broadcom, and they act the same. I even tried the DriverPacks from btsunattended.net method 2, and it still restart after "installing Newtork".

I even tried the same image on the machine without Broadcom NIC, it still does the same thing.

Any suggestion? Please help, I've been struggling with this over a weeks already.

If I removed the Broadcom NIC drivers or (not included nic path) OemPnPDriversPath="Drivers\nic1;Drivers\Chipset" from winnt.sif, the unattended setup is completed.


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Unplug your Network Cable and run the installation to see if it is going into loop


That's it. I've look at the SetupErr.log and it shown DUPLICATE COMPUTER NAME.

So, I can't specify a Computer name in the winnt.sif.

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