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Driver confusion


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the guide said i have to put this under the [unattended] part in the WINNT.SIF file thats located I386 folder..

but that line up there isnt in the Winnt.sif file..

do i have to make it? and i dont even have a gigabit lan? do and a intel inf do i still have to add this line

im soo confused

and my other question:

in the drivers folder? it says i have to make a folder called 000_chipset etc..

then it shows a pic that says 000_Intel_inf i am confused?

what folders would i need to make in the drivers folder if i had these drivers:

Realtek AC79 Audio

Intel extreme graphics chipset driver

canon mp360 printer

Realtek RTL8139/810X Family Fast Ethernet NIC Driver

microsoft cleartype tuner(powertoy)?

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First of all, please use PUNCTUATION MARKS next time!!!

1. It's normal indeed that that line isn't there yet. Just add it ;).

2. You should only list the folder you really have. The guide uses AN EXAMPLE.

3. You can use ANY name you want to use... You can even use 'Im_a_tanner' if you want to... You'll just have to point to 'Im_a_tanner' in your OemPnPDriversPath entry in the winnt.sif file then ;)

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