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Unattended Installation over a network

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:( Hi everybody,

I am new to this site. I am facing problem in unattended installation since 1 week. I came to know about this site and wants to take help from you people. I want to install windows xp professional over a network. In my office i have taken 2 systems that are in Lan and wants to install xp on one manchine using another one. None of them are servers. Can I do that without using a server? So I created a distribution folder in one computer and shared this folder over a network. and I created the answer file also and kept in that distribution folder. I started the other computer using network boot disk and was successfully connected to this network share. I dont know what to do next. Does it starts the setup automatically from unattended.bat file or do we need to manually start the setup. If so how to start the setup? And when I created the distribution folder, it is like this-

- I386

- $oem$

But in so many web sites I have read that $oem$ should not be inside the I386 folder. is it true? I am totally in confused state with all these questions. I will be very thankful if anybody helps me.

Thank you very much.

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okay here we go :

you need to put the $oem$ folder into the i386 folder if you like to install over the network. (this is a bug confirmed by ms)

to install your system from the network, you need a network bootdisk of cd with a ms lan client ... just search for nu2 bootdisk. the guy have a nice modular bootdisk for that purpose. after that just map your distribution share to the client and start the installation from the command line or via batch file in the autoexec.bat.

example :

'drive':\i386\winnt /s:'drive':\i386 /u:unattend.txt

ill do my installation the same way ... therefor i never have to update any cds ... neither i have to boot from a disc bcs of some pxe boot method i build... pretty nice .. just hit F12 and do a netboot ... 10 mins later sys is up :)

oh and dont forget to partiton and format your drive ... bcs in this case you need at least a fat partiton with around 1gb space!

hope i could help mason

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Thank you Mason,

Hope this will help me.Doesn't it work for NTFS, mine is NTFS and when I started the setup then it has shown an error that Internal error ocurred and there is no space for Swap file. Is it due to lack of space? If I format it FAT, does it work? Kindly suggest me. Thank you very much for helping me out.

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