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"DAEMON or Alcohol?"

Do you use DAEMON or Alcohol for your image mounting?  

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  1. 1. Do you use DAEMON or Alcohol for your image mounting?

    • DAEMON
    • Alcohol

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I've been wanting to ask this question for quite some time now. There are several threads that somewhat discuss the topic, but I decided just to be blunt with it. Anyway, do you use Daemon or Alcohol? Why? Which has better features? Ease of use? Thanks!

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Exactly, I've never tried alcohol but cause I never had a reason too since I discovered d-tool. Easy to use, small, doesn't take much memory and works very well. You can change a "cd" as quickly as if it was a real drive, with only a couple of clicks.

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Daemon. Alcohol is an emulator + burning program, with a stupid format that only Alcohol uses (mdf). Daemon is just an emulator, does virtual drives etc I, awesome program.

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I love alcohol. It is the most reliable image burning program I have used. Never seems to have any sector size issues that nero seems to have sometimes. I also like how alcohole has nice shell integration with its virtual drives. Just right click the drive and select mount image.

Also I like the name :P

Only really worth getting alcochol though if you also need some soft to copy cd's and burn images etc.

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I voted for Daemon Tools!

I would have voted two or three times for Daemon Tools, but the board doesn't allow it :P

It is the best:

- Ease of use

- It is free!, (ad-awar/spyware free also)

- works about 99.9%

- Simple interface and installs in just 20 secs.

~DT PRO Announcement~

Daemon Tools Pro is now in the making, (or at least since May 23)

Check out the screen shot of the Pro version from thier web site.

Can't wait for the new version, hope it still has all the great features from v3.47!

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I use Alcohol a lot like I use CloneCD and ISOBuster, to rip disks and get exact copies on my hard drive so I don't have to deal with scratched disks or lost disks. Alcohol has allowed me to deal with newer copy protection schemes by using their .MDS files. I still use CloneCD and ISOBUster for some of that though.

Daemon Tools is better than the CDROM emulation available from Alcohol or from Slysoft. It allows for more drives and is easier to use when you include add-ons like awxDTools or some of the other utilities.

I'm very much anticipating the next version of Daemon Tools which should be out fairly soon.

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