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Bootable cd


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The copy of windows 64 that ive got doesnt seem to have been made bootable,Can anyone help me or tell me how to make a bootable cd plz :}

The cd win64 cd that ive got doesnt boot,ive checked to make sure the boot device is my cd-rom,but still nothing.....So iam guessing it aint bootable.

Ive already tryed to make a bootable cd but failed,the software iam using is


Where iam strugling is i dont know which setting to use.

For example which of the follwing would i use:

Emulation type :Floppy1_20MB

:Floppy2_44MB (95/98/ME Boot images


:Hard disc

:No Emulation

Load Segment:Currently set to 7CO

Sectors: Currently set to 1

Platform: Currently set to 80x86 PC

Should the ISO DELIMETRES Be disabled

Should the Enforce ISO level1 (8+3 char max.) be enabled.

I would be really greatfull if someone can help as iam not a real pc guru like you guys :D

Thanks for looking



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where did you get your copy?

any of the official disks should already be bootable


if i want to create a bootable disk i simply extract the boot image from an already bootable disk using a utility like ultra iso.

create my disk, adding folders etc.

add the boot image to it, and create an iso, which can be burnt using either ultra iso, nero, or some other disc burning proggie

easyboot will create bootable disks from scratch, or something like makeiso.exe.

you could even give nlite a go

sorry i don't have more info, but i don't create bootable disks very often

hope this helps :D

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The settings should be 4 sectors, No emulation and load segment 7C0.

Also you must have a boot sector image. If you want to create a bootable

CD. But you don't need any of that to write the .iso images of x64 to CD.

You can't just copy the iso to the CD. look for a function like 'burn image'

of something. What do you see when you insert the CD while in 32bit XP and

open the CD?

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