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Reg tweaks at T-12

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my question is the following, can i import reg tweaks at any other time that isn´t at first logon, in order to not have to reboot once i am in the desktop.

I´ve tried to do that using wpi with regedit /s "%cdrom%\...reg", but i didn´t success.

What i am doing wrong?.


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I've got a set of reg tweaks running at t-12 to sort out the quick launch bar. I can't see why other reg tweaks would not run at this stage as well(I could be proven wrong!). Just call your regtweaks file from cmdlines.txt


"renuser.exe Administrator Administrator"
"REGEDIT /S quicklaunch.reg"


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I haven´t tried this yet, but what i want is to choose the tweaks i want in each installation, but if that you say works, in wpi should work too.

I,ll revise everything in case i made any mistake.

Thanks a lot.

EDITED: the only tweak i tried is the homepage tweak in IE.

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You can do as you please but here is what really happens........

You need to add the register tweak at t-12 cause after you create the first user any new users that you add will not get the HKCU tweaks......

they will get the "default user" hidden desktop keys.......

By the way anything you add after the first logon no other new users will get the HKCU keys......

Long story......... find my other post ... I talk about login into the hidden profile then install stuff there .......

you could always write a hta program that will stop at the t-12 mark so you could select what you want.....


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