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Instal Catalyst drivers for AiW8500/2003 Server?

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I've been trying to get them installed just about all day now... The bottom line is that the install always hangs when it gets to the WDM Setup portion.

I can close the install program (not responding, blahblahblah), but then I'm left with 1/2 a driver install which does me no good...

Is it possible to get these drivers installed correctly on Windows Server 2003?

thanks for any help!


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Classic Catalyst 5.4 installs correctly, I haven't AIW so the wdm drivers don't install. Try to get the last Catalsyt and check your chipset driver too.


PS: Once the video driver is installed, restore full hardware acceleration ( http://win2k3.msfn.org/hardwareacc.htm )

Yah - I was able to get just the driver in - it's the WDM business that f%cks up. I need though in order to use the AiW capabilities - is that correct?

I tried following the 2k3->workstation stuff as far as seemed relevant.... The WDM install just keeps hanging....

Has anyone else had ATI WDM install trouble? :(

thanks for the reply!

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You can try extracting the installer using winrar. You will find some directories in the place where you extracted the installer: each folder contains a part of the catalyst drivers (one is the graphic hardware one the controll panel etc.). Just try to install the setups contained in each folder to find out which one goes wrong: if it's just the video driver that is giving problems then try installing omega catalyst video driver (www.omegacorner.com) and then install the remaining components.

Have fun :P

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