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Problems installing xp media center

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I just did a clean install, bought it from a retailor came w/ 2 cds. Things are looking good except for the themes, looks like windows 2000 but the main problem is that i can't connect to the internet.

Setting up a network won't work, won't open, internet explorer icon is not fully displayed but it shows a rectangle w/ some picture in it and when you click it, the pc will try to look for the program.

During the install it asked to put in a cd for service pack 2 which i don't have, so i just clicked cancel and the installation just kept going. Is that the reason why there are some bugs? **** i just had high hopes when i saw the fedex package for the MCE at my door, i can't wait to get it to work correctly

any help would be greatly appreciated!

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You CAN upgrade from Home or Pro to Media Center or Tablet PC. I did the upgrade from Home Edition SP2 in Dutch to Media Center Edition 2005 in Dutch and it works good. Before you upgrade you have to add in regedit HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\system\WPA\MediaCenter , in this key you make a DWORD "Installed" with value "1". I found this out myself because if you first try to upgrade windows setup makes a file in c:\windows\ with the reason why it does not upgrade.

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Two things...


You CAN NOT upgrade from Pro or Home to MCE.

It must be a clean install of MCE...

Yes You can, I do it all the time w/o any reg entry. And, yes, it is a legal copy, I can activate, my product key is just fine, and my sticker is also.

2. Are you sure this is a LEGAL copy you are using? Illegal copies usually have bugs implanted in them on purpose. :hello:

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I got it working by doing a clean install correctly, what you do is 1. put in cd 1 then cd 2 and when it asks you to put in service pack 2 you just put in cd 1 again and installation will be done. what i screwed up was when it asked to put in sp2 i just clicked cancel

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