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copy .inf for unattended inno setup


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Hi, i have a problem with copying the .inf file which inno setup needs for load settings (/loadinf=*.inf).

I tried to copy it with a .cmd file (runonceex from cd) but i couldn`t ; i tried packaging the .inf file in a .msi file, it works, but it doesn`t allow me to clean all the .inf files in the end by using * (MsiExec.exe /X{*}).

I would like to use batch files, because i think it is faster, but it doesn`t work as i want, i do one of the following:

- in the wpi command box i write: cmd /c copy "%cdrom%\... , but the command prompt can be seen, cmdow doesn`t work.

- i use a .cmd file with the command: copy %cdrom%\... , it doesn`t work at all.

How can i copy it?

I wish i wrote everything correctlly. Thanks a lot, bye.

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