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AMD64 doubts.....pls help!


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hi, im getting a new system tommorow, asus k8ne dlx motherboard, amd 64 3000 processor, 1gb kingston ddr 400 ram, etc.

i was wondering, will the bundled heatsink and fan of the processor be enough? coz i mainly use my system for 3ds max rendering and games, so will it be able to take the heat with the bundled heatsink or should i go in for another one?

also, is a 300w power supply good enough or i need a more powerful one?

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that's basically the same system I have... good choice :P

with the equipment I have listed in my signature, at full load, the power draw is just under 220 watts (not including the 50watts for the speakers). Idle is just about 200 watts. 300 would do the job, but I'd also recommend a 400 watt because the less the load on your PSU, the cooler and more reliably it runs. I'd recommend Antec, Enermax, Vantec, or Ultra-X (what I'm successfully running)

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Its fine, the A64 heatsink is one of the best stock heatsinks you will come across. You can overclock with it and still obtain good temperatures. I know loads who have overclocked with just the stock cooler.

256mb gainward graphic card also is on my list

the size of the cards memory means nothing, its the speed that it operates and the actuall speed of the chips themselves.

Also how many pipelines a card has and how fast the core operates at is what defines graphics card performance.

As for PSU you want good rails, 300watt should be fine if running a fairly bare system without cathodes etc. The main thing is you need good amps especially on the 12v rail.

At least 18amps at the very minimum.

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