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Windows File Protection


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It was beta 5, i just upgradded from a earlier version with which i had no probs. I decided to make a new disk with all the updates - but i got this error on bootup and now it wont go away, can't install office. Sorry i must have missed a post when i was reading the thread....


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I got it too...

Windows File Protection

Files that are required for Windows to run properly have been replaced by unrecognized versions. To maintain system stability, Windows must restore the original versions of these files.

Insert your now.

Using Nlite b6...Windows XP SP1....i get the error fresh off install. NOTHING INSTALLED, no drivers or apps.


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I've started having this problem too, it was when nlite became in the 1.x beta series. In the pre 1.x series, I didn't have this issue at all. I've found that not adding patches or hotfixes to the installation helps a great deal with less sfc messages.

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This issue isn't solved completely yet! :(

I have WFP popups when i try to install a new driver. (i'm using 1.0 RC3)

RC3 solved the second-bootup-WFP popup, but the driver-WFP popup is

still a problem! :(

I'm using only these sections in nLite:

Remove Components

Unattended Setup


I tried without "Remove Components", and driver-WFP popups

are also disappeared!

So the problem is in this section. It's sure!

I Remove this Components:

MSN Explorer


Windows Messenger

Nuhi, please solve this problem!


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