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Changing ProgramFilesDir Directory

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I would like to change environment variable %ProgramFiles$ to point to a different directory than the default C:\Program Files\, since some programs can't cope with spaces in directory names (Python, for instance).

So far I found out that I should change:

"ProgramFilesDir"="C:\Program Files"

I'm using nLite for my unattended CD so I thought I could extract NLITE.INF from NLITE.IN_ and add the following line:


where "%SMWC%" stands for "Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion".

Would that work or should I try something different? I don't want some other file changing my settings later in the installation process, but i also wouldn't like to be late and change this when C:\Program Files\ has already been created and some programs installed in it. Can somebody please help me?

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Welcome to MSFN :hello:

You mentioned you are using a Unattended CD, have you looked at doing this in WINNT.SIF?


ProgramFilesDir="C:\My Program Files"

You can change the default location of Program Files using this entry. Replace the drive letter and folder name as appropriate.

Also this topic has been brought up, so you may find what you need by searching the forums.

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