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A Little Unattended Help


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I have been working on this unattened setup for about a week now and got things in order. Everything works but these few problems.

First the part of my winnt.sif thats relevant:
















1 Even though I have automaticupdates=yes, it still asks. I know I can add the unattendswitch=yes to get around that but it always wants to log in as administrator instead and not me. So I go through the welcome to windows....etc.....

2 Fixed

3. Even though I have my runonceex.cmd in the proper place, it imports the registry keys but doesn't run the key until I reboot.

4. I have placed the oobe.ini in the $oem$\$$\Sytem32 folder but it doesn't work. Tried also, $oem$\$$\Sytem32\oobe

If I can get these problems solved, it would be a perfect install.

Any help is appreciated.


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Thanks I figured it out.

If you read the guide it states:


"Note: Separate different directories with a semi-colon ";"

So I was under the impression that ";drivers" would be a seperate directory. This must not be the case since I have no driver directory. But adding the ;drivers worked.

Now on to fix 1,3 and 4.

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