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Silence of the foxes


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Silence of the foxes© LaptoniC


Hi,as I promised I have coded this little utility in my spare time.It's a little utility which will unpack your original firefox setup add your extensions,themes,profiles etc and pack it again.Final file will be silent package.

I spent much more time on photoshop than on code, it may contain bugs so easy on me.As you may see from the graphics, I suck at photoshop :lol: .Anyway, hope it works for you.Before doing anything be sure to read readme file carefully.

Best Regards



SOF is updated to support ThunderBird and possibly other mozilla based support.For more information please visit



Updated Install.exe to compatible with Firefox 1.5.

Added [APPDATA]\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\[random]\searchplugins to profile directory.


http://www.simplify-i-t.com/guides/filelib/Sof.zip Thanks `Felix`

http://www.the-skynet.com/Sof.zip Thanks Swimming_Bird

http://bleddyn.co.uk/creations/sof.7z Thanks bledd

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firefoxsilent.exe is produced where you run sof.exe.I didnt put error checking when creating files if your problems continue PM and I will send you debug version.Also I have tested this program only on Windows XP SP2 no other windows version is granted to work :)

Edit:Yes there was a bug.I wasnt clearing the buffer when executing 7za process.I corrected and fixed first post.Please download it again.

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I really didnt used thunderbird before and dont know whereit keeps its settings how to install themes,extensions so if you provide this details and I can try to help but my time is limited no rush ok :)

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Well, if your refering to %AppData%\Mozilla\Firefox for Firefox, it's %AppData%\Thunderbird for Thunderbird. The installer folder is %ProgramFiles\Mozilla Thunderbird. All the rest is same as Firefox.

But Firefox is more important :)

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