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Adding Hotfixes After A Few Weeks Of New Hotfixes?

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Hi all

I learned a lot of this site but i cant find the action for adding hotfixes to a Unattended XPSP2 after a while when i used this cd/dvd

My piont is i want to add 9 or 10 UPDATE fixes and the .NET SP1.1 in my already working Unattended CXP,is this possible to run this after the first logon in windows like a mini steup or somethig,or must I start all over like XP + SP2 + hotfixes etc etc. and then finalizing the cd/dvd.

Can some1 help me out for a reasonnably action,like only writing a INI file or something like that.

Regards :P

Im sorry but I dont know what cant of info you need after writing this topic about my cd/dvd,except the driver pack of Bashrat isnt integrated yet ,rest all of them,write me for extra info please. :whistle:

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If you want to add the hotfixes on your cd, you must make a new one or use a rewritable. Hotfixes can be added using:

hotfix.exe /integrate patch to installfiles

You could also add them to the RunOnceEx.cmd as

hotfix.exe /Q (and probably some other switches like /o /n /z)

If you have a server present you could use login-scripts or have the unattended setup refer to a network-share in the RunOnceEx.cmd

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Tnx for the reply

So i must make a new XP with sp2 en then adding the hotfixes?

I want 2 make a Dutch unattended XP with SP2 and all the hotfixes,if i take a DUTCH winxp and add SP2 can i also add the RVM updatepacket full ,cause off the language thats faster i think,please is this possible? :blink:

I already use a ENG XP with Dutch MUI ,so wich LNG must use ENGLISH hotfixes or DUTCH hotfixes,which 1. :unsure:


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