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Quick Luanch Bar For All Users

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Does anyone know how (registry edit, etc) to add the Quick Launch Bar for all users in an XP unattend. If possible, I would also like to adjust the size of it so it will fit more than the 3 default icons. Thanks.


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Oh...my...heavens. You are soooo gonna get flamed. Try searching for "Quick Launch" (not Quick Luanch) and I think you will find more than a few posts that answer this question thoroughly. Good luck. :hello:

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wouldn't be easier to just post a link for the poor guy?

There are more than a few threads discussing the issue. I suppose I could perform the search, spend time reading through the results, then create links to the ones I believe most relevant, but that takes all the fun out of it for the person most interested in the solution. No pain, no gain. :P

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