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Created Installers.

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@ allanol


Again, if the same one I'm thinking of...it's ALSO on site, as well as having the neccesray DLLs without having to register them.

After having probs on several systems with this I decided to siplify the proccess.

That exe is just an sfx file too most would still need to get the dlls.

The required DLLs should be in there...I just downloaded on this system, and it works perfectly.


Sure it's an SFX, but the required DLLs for it to work are included and working as the author suggeted.

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Hiya kelsenellenelvian,

Thanks for all your work --installers, cpls, WPI-- you're obviously very busy...

Your files have been deleted from rapidshare, could you please upload them again (or possibly host elsewhere, whatever works for you)?

Thanks again!

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