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Help With Win2k3

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Hello folks:

So i'm tired of XP, now i'm running win2k3 standard here. All works fine. I have just 1 problem.

My lan computers, seems can't see my shared driver. I'm sharing my D: drive, but seems my other machines in lan (both run XP SP2) can't see my machine in network.

All it's perfect configured, like Ip, workgroup na me bla bla bla. ..

any idea what's the problem here ??

Ty and sry my english =\

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This is probably a DNS problem which has two solutions:

1.) The "official" way":

Best practice with W2k3 server is to configure DHCP and DNS on the server. The DHCP should issue the dns-entry. So if for example your server has IP the DHCP server settings would be for example:



Router: IP of your internet router.

The xp machines have to be configured as DHCP clients.

In the DNS configuration at the server you have to configure forwarders (i.e. the DNS servers of your provider) or else you don't have internet-connection.

Also you have to authorize DHCP to use the DNS server. (An option somewhere in the DNS settings).

If you don't do this you will get BINL errors in the event log.

2.) The other (much easier) way:

If the XP clients don't do an domain logon on the server you can use a dos-command to establish a connection.

Start a command promt and use the command: net use driveletter: \\ip-of-server\sharename

You will be prompted to supply a username and password.

The second method works independant of workgroupnames, you only have to have an IP-connection.

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