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Problem With Hp Psc1610 On Network


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Well at work we bought this officejet.We have win2k on servers and on printserver (running also win2k) is sharing this.The terminals are running win98se but can't print

through the officejet.When I install drivers on them for the printer they're searching for it on the usb port.Tried to download other drivers but I can only order them in cd from hp (which I think are the same as mine).

What drivers to install??

Anyone know sth?

Please... :unsure:

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I don't think an officejet acts any different in a network as other printers (for the printing part that is). I think that after installing the bundled driver you should be able to add a localport named \\servername\share-name and point the driver to that location. Additional software for scanning and faxing won't work as that requires a direct connection to the printer.

If you want to use all functions in your network you should purchase a network-officejet.

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Hp typically locks their products unless you purchase HP's Print Server device for your particular unit.

I came across a similar issue with an Office Jet G85


Of course you checked your file and print sharing, as well as your permissions?

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