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Proinstall V2

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Proinstall v2

What's that?

Proinstall is a complete solution for customizing application Installation. (Xplode or WPI like). In it's second version (just beta version available) , Proinstall proposes a panoply of interesting customization.

You have two executables : one for construct proinstall file and the second is just for execute the file you have created. Actually available in french it could be translated to english later.

Here is some screens captures :

In the belove, it's a screen from constructor executable (to generate Proinstall file)

At first we create one or more groups :


And secondly, we enter all the application (file name, description, parameter, image etc) and we link each application to a group.. For example : Nero, alcohol for Burning Group, Winamp,sonic for Sound Group etc.

The program recognizes %cdrom% variables . (even in parameter). We can also REBOOT Windows in the middle. Next start, proinstall will continue the installation.

We can also COPY, DELETE, MOVE files/folders. So we don't have to create batch files for these commands!

In the future, we can also download application from internet instead of execute them from CDROM drive. It will safe your space.


After :


You have just to put labels , progressbars, images, customize what you want.. and link all objects to a group.

We can also tell to proinstall to give us a choice of what we want to install. (Actually 2 kinds of choice)

Here is some captions:


Here is the execution :

If we choose "Application Selection - Showing Per Page", we'll get the next screen


We have to check what we want to install.

If we choose "Application Selection - Showing Per Tabulation", we'll get the next screen


We have to check what we want to install.

When everything is right, Executor launches the installation


Click here to see the description in french

Click here to see a complete guide (in french)

To download it :

home.gifEditor's Website : Windows Website [www.win-web.be]


download.gifDownload Constructor with French/English traduction

download.gifDownload Executor

Download Arabic language (only for v2.0.1)

Download MP3 Plugin to able Audio Component

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Hello everybody :hello:

New version : v2.0.5 Build 420

Proinstall v2.0.5 Build 420 is from now multi languages, it is already in Frensh, English and Arabic. If you are voluntary to translate the file lang.inf, do not hesitate :

home.gifSite of the editor


download.gifDownload Constructor 2.0.5 (Frensh / English)

download.gifDownload Execuror 2.0.5

download.gifDownload plugin MP3

download.gifDownload the files Arabic lang.inf

For future languages :

1) Copy files " lang1.inf, lang2.inf, lang3.inf, ... " in the folder " lang "

2) Select your language


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Sorry to report the english translation is not complete yet... well at least i am still seeing a great deal of non-english in menus and options etc.

Well at least in the command list window some texts (tab names, help tab, etc.) seem to be hard coded. They're not in the lang files so it's not The Black Cloud's responsibility.

But that's not much (still critical ones !) so may I ask, Felix, if you have a 'great deal' of them, if you're using the right lang2.inf (there is still a dummy one in the original lang pack).

Bravo les gars (ouais, allez les bleus :blink:), Pro Install a bien évolué depuis la dernière fois que je l'ai vu. Mais y'a encore des textes à extraire pour traduction... Moi j'm'en fous, mais c'est pour les autres ;)

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