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Wish I can say I am able to test XPlode, but for some odd reason I am unable to pass the EULA. (I even read the EULA, and waited 5min :unsure: )

Scrolled to the bottom to activate?


Exit is activated here and closed out. :/


Continue 'should' be activated (unless I missed something, obvious) cursor is placed above, yet the submit button is still inactive.


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(I even read the EULA, and waited 5min  )

No you didn't.

See here is the problem, with everyone saying they've read the EULA and the Continue button is deactivated. we KNOW YOU"RE LYING!

Topic Closed with Agreement from Wraith

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Here's why you're lying:

  • You don't follow instructions.

Quite simple.

Here's the technical reason as to why continue isn't activated:

  • You didn't do what is needed to activate it.

Again, quite simple really.

Here's why your claim that even after doing what you're supposed to do, it's still deactivated:

  • Javascript enables the continue button
  • Javascript disables the continue button
  • If javascript weren't working, then the continue button would be active at the start

So don't tell us that you've read it, and the thing still has problems. Clearly you're full of it and are just being a troll. Leave.

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