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Zonealarm (truevector Internet Monitor Service) Is


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I have searched and searched for the last 45 minutes but can't seem to find what I need.

Here's the problem...

--> I have finally created an unattended install of ZoneAlarm Security Suite and got it to auto-register... (using the /lickey syntax)

----> I have also created a CONFIG.XML file that it sees and imports my application lists automatically...

--> I even used GSAR (Global Search and Replace) to specify replacable parameters for %SystemDrive%, %ProgramFiles% and %SystemRoot% in CONFIG.XML so I can deploy my CD to any Windows folder on any partition in any way I want with the settings correctly preconfigured and the applists pointing to the right files...

-> But the problem is that when ZASS installer executes in RunOnceEx section, after it completes, it tries to start the VSMON service but for some strange reason, Windows Firewall pops up and blocks it and gives me that annoying error:

"Blah Blah blocked some features of this program blah blah blah..."

Ask Later - Keep Blocking - UnBlock

-> While the RunOnceEx completes and the system reboots and it is fixed, I would like a way to eliminate this message....

---.> Things I have tried:

-> using [WindowsFirewall] section to add VSMON.EXE to exclusion list

-> Installing with NO CONFIG.XML

--> But I still get the error..

--> I know that I can disable Windows Firewall by using the [WindowsFirewall] section in WINNT.SIF and setting the MODE to 0 (as described by REF.CHM in DEPLOY.CAB in the SUPPORT folder on XP CD) but I want to retain the cool ability that ZoneAlarm has which is:

==> Auto-Disable >> Windows Firewall when ZA on.

---:> When ZA Off >> Windows Firewall ON

-> If I completely disable Windows Firewall, cool thing #2 (above) will not work

(ie: Windows Firewall will STAY OFF even if ZA is turned OFF)

_--> Anyone know anything to alleviate (and/or) fix this situation....

---> I think this is a new issue....

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Not sure if that would work, but what about disabling the MS firewall during installation via a services.reg loaded in cmdlines.txt or such and re-enablling it after ZA is installed (via another registry file...)?

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Hello guys !!!!!

I figured this one out on my own and I'm going to share this with the forum...

to: buletov,

If I disable the firewall using the [WindowsFirewall] section in winnt.sif by settings "mode = 0" the firewall does get disabled and zonealarm installs, but later if i close zonealarm, the Windows Firewall STAYS in the off state....

But I wanted to retain this capability:

---:> When ZA Off >> Windows Firewall turns ON

So this is what I did... [Reference: Word Document (can't remember name) in DEPLOY.cab in \SUPPORT folder]

-- I created a new NETFW.INF file from scratch that disabled notifications, then a batch file copies that over the %SystemRoot%\system32\netfw.inf and execute NETSH FIREWALL RESET from command script, so zonealarm installs...

-- then another netfw.inf (i called it NEtfwon.inf) adds vsmon.exe to Windows Firewall's exclusions list (It is located in %SystemRoot%\System32\zonelabs), copy it over the the modified NEtfw.inf in SYSTEM32 folder and once again execute the NETSH FIREWALL RESET command from the same command script immediately after zonealarm has finished installing...

-- and that's all, now zonealarm installs without a hitch, imports my CONFIG.XML file, and then finds Windows Firewall ON on next reboot and disables it, thus accomplishing my task and retaining the aforementioned capability...

to: Fonceur

When I try to manipulate the firewall from the registry, the firewall doesn't seem to respond immediately to the REG change, so I used the NEtfw.inf method instead...

-- thanks for all replies before....

---- cheers.


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