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I Want A Website!

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Okay, I'm pretty much a n00bi3, in fact I really am. I want a website for my own personal upkeep and use. This is what I have in mind;

A .com address

Lets me issue email accounts to my friends

Create a forum w/User-Pass Entry

Some sort of way to buy from me and pay with PayPal

FTP Capabilities

IP Banning or whatever because some people need to be banned, lol

Maybe 500mb+ Space (most for money)

Maybe 1000mb+ Transfer (most for money)

Great Uptime

24/7 Support via Email, Chat and Telephone

Control Panel access

Overall pretty easy to maintain for a noobie!

AND CHEAP or somewhere 'round $100 a year total

I don't know any of this PHP, MySQL or any of that. Not yet anyway. I also live in the United States if that matters.

Any suggestions?

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i use emax hosting (well, i just use my friends site:P) its got exactly what you need, your domain you will have to get later with another site.

paypal you will have to set up with papal and put a link on your site. for the forum, you will need to download invision power board or another type of forum script. for these scripts to work, you will need to set up php and mysql.

ip banning can be done with php scripts, or i believe there is a way with teh control panel for the website.

look around, you can find alot of deals

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Okay, I looked into the mentioned hosting service provider and liked them as much as some others but since I feel I will be able to receive more help using what was mentioned here I went with them. Thanks to those who offered their suggestions which where all the same. LoL! I am having to wait 24-72 hours before it is 'net accessable' but once it is what is the first things I should do?

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Start MS-Word, type up all the sentences you want, drap-and-drop the images you want, etc.

Then save as a html file. DONE! You already got a simple web-page in front of you, now you just need to "upload" it to your webspace host (the server).

So much for web-page making :P

Now on to forums, most good ones are sadly commercial.

But one decent free forum software is this - phpBB.

You need to download the latest version from there, and then read the instructions and upload to the server. Then run the install from server, and its up and running!

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Thanks a lot to everyone that posted! I'm moving along without coming back here too often. Anyhow, I am learning HTML and I got forums setup pretty simply and free too.

I'm using M$ FrontPage 2003!

Now I'd just like to know how to make and/or where to get banners, backgrounds, and other website components. If there are some nice templates let me know if you would.

Also dealing with forums...the avatars and sigs...I want to make my own and I'd like to make some to offer to my members, how do I go about doing this?

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Ok well for templates....


and good banners and backgrounds you can search google for.

for making avatar and sigs thr best tool would be Photoshop CS. 30 free trial.

and here are tutorials on using photoshop CS.


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Check this out, http://narutofan.com/

See how in the middle of the page where they put the updates under the title it tells who wrote it, the date and the time...

I'd like to do that on my site but keep it all in a textbox that scrolls down. Anyone know how to do this?

Working to make a great site and its because of everyone here, thank you!

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