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Increasing Performance


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i want to know how to increase performances. i've already doing some tweak. just a basic one i guest. my pc specs...pentium 4 2.8C...ddr ram 512Mb...window xp...

i'ce change system properties>advance>performance>setting>advanced... i've check for processor scheduling with programs n memory usage with programs n i change the virtual memory to no paging file. am i doing right?

ive also change something else. is there any else should i do to make it work in optimum performance. i wish my pc would works like server...if it could :)

really need idea on this thing...

thanks for advance advise...

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Unless you do no gaming, you don't need a paging file. If you do, then uh... you need a paging file. Either that or 2x the RAM you have now. I would normally have 1 GB DDR but half of that is in my GF's PC for her Sims 2. (Argh!) :hello:

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i wish my pc would works like server...if it could :)

That´s why you need a page file ;). Even if you have 2GB of RAM still some programs will only run with a page file activated.

@ Jeremy, Games ask most of the time a page file, not ALL :blink:.

@ Yzöwl, a page file is not required by all programs, but a Server that works with 512MB a no page file is indeed a time bomb ;).

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so..should i change the paging file? should i change it to system managed size or just mayb i should set initial size n maximum size? what do u guys think? i've already already disable themes...coz i want a performance..not looks pretty.

where can i get nLite? can anybody tell me?

puntoMX==>about da disable service...what kind of service shoul i disable? other than themes? what services r not important in windows? hope u can tell me whats...

i've 2 harddisk..1 for surfing n programming...1 for gaming. i'm not using both of them in one time. so...for gaming..did paging file is needed? what about for surfing n programming? i hope someone can tell me about that...

thanks for all ur opinions...thanks guys

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Not necessarily. If you have 512 DDR, the page file is a waste, unless you're a hardcore gamer, then you need 1 GB of DDR.

Absolutely wrong. Page file is required by Windows, regardless the size of system RAM.

Many people think that pagefile is only used as virtual memory extender something wrong. Even with more than 2GB of RAM installed, many programs, including system services and processes, swap most of their allocated memory in pagefile, keeping a small amount in RAM.

Changing that behavior, desabling pagefile use, makes all programs use system RAM. The problem is that Win kernel plus all services and inner processes actually use a large amound of RAM, sometimes more than available. If there is no pagefile, system changes processing thread prioritization to make them workable with reduced memory. That decreases performance and the unrecoverable error is near.

Same happens non only with windows but also with all VM OSes like MacOS X, BSD, Linux etc.

BTW Windows XP also use a pagefile located in system disk (c:) to diagnose application and system errors, creating the known "memory dump files"



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@ puntoMX

I didn't say a page file was required by all programs.

With the information the author had provided, I was stating a fact, which happened to be the same conclusion as yours.

I would not have repeated your advice if it weren't for the information provided by Jeremy.


Please don't quote my message unnecessarily a simple @ Yzöwl would have done. You're advising people incorrectly, read up on the pagefile and how it's used in XP.

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Since reading a very helpful guide, I have changed my paging file to 1024MB. The guide recommends everyone have at least 2GB of memory - total (virual + physical). Since I have 1GB of RAM, my page file is 1GB. If you have 512MB of RAM, a 1.5GB page file is recommended.

Of course you don't have to listen to me, but with 2GB of total memory I have had fewer slowdowns and programs like Adobe Photoshop encounter fewer problems related to memory usage.

To increase performance otherwise, do as said above and use the classic theme as opposed to the luna theme (I actually prefer the classic nowadays) and disable the 'Themes' service. Also go [system Properties -> Advanced -> Visual Effects] and turn as much as you want off, the more you disable the higher your performance. Personally I leave 'smooth edges of screen fonts' and 'use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop' enabled, because there are some things you should have to sacrifice.

I also advise you run AdAware, Spybot SD, Crap Cleaner and OODefrag. Alternatively run programs that you prefer that clean your system of spyware, registry errors and temporary files you no longer use and of course a defrag is essential at least once a fortnight to keep your computer in tip-top shape. If you keep your computer clean and organised enough you will notice when something goes wrong with it much more easily and will be able to see what is out of place / out of order.

Last but not least, don't run useless programs. The fewer programs you have running at one time, the less memory you are using unnecessarily and the less chance something will go wrong with your system to crash it or slow it down.

Good luck with your optimisations.

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Better, altrough I think 2GB is pritty big. All my machines have 512MB RAM and just 8 services running, taking up 80MB of RAM bc I keep the kernel and other loaded DLL in RAM.

I use a 768MB paging file and never had any problems.

Did you do some thing with disabling services?

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Some of you guys are giving this guy terrible advice. With 512MB of RAM just leave the pagefile System Managed. You will not gain anything from disabling the pagefile.

Also ignore many tweaking guides out there. All I have seen have given false information and general bad advice.

The best things you can do is be well secured and get rid of all spyware and background applications.

You can get rid of all the eye candy though, but switching to the classic theme (i like it better anyway). Also by going to Control Panel > System > Avdanced...

I don't know the exact location as I am not on a Windows machine right now, but choose settings somewhere and choose for best performance to get rid of all eye candy.

Also ignore anyone wh0o says to disable as many services as possible. The Indexing service is about the onyl one that will decrease perofrmance. Any service that is not being used is not using up any memory or CPU cycles. Also many people that disable services run into problems in the future. It is OK to disable a few that you find you don't like though. For example I disable Security Center and Themes.

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