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Unattended XP upgrade over the network


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Hi All,

my question is regarding the upgrade to xp pro from win2k pro. This upgrade will be deployed over the network. I am still in the testing phase. I have created the answer file and am running the upgrade on test machines. My question is this that when i run upgrade NIC for win2K doesnt upgrade automatically for xp, which is really important as i want my upgrade to be totally automatic and zero physical interaction with the machine. Here is what i do please let me know if i am missing something important.....

I created the distribution folder and then created C:\windist\I386\$oem$\$1\Drivers and in Drivers folder i have created two folders named network and video. Then I copied all the files for the specific NIC driver files in network folder and VGA driver files in video folder. I copied these files from windows resource CD.

In my answer file unattended section is as follow






OemPnPDriversPath="Drivers\network; Drivers\video"


Upgrade runs fine but am unable to get auto upgrade of both the VGA and NIC. Any help in this will be really appreciated.



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