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A Couple NAV2005 Questions....


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And no.. its not about activation...

1. Does anyone have a list of the things you can 'safely' remove from the source? I tried going by the mazins 2004 thread, but I keep getting an error message after NAV scans.

2. Has anyone figured out how to install this to a different location from the default?


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U can safely remove .\Support\MSI and MSIE as well as NAVTools the rest i can't tell for sure

and its not possible to point the symantec stuff to a different location, the symantc Packager does interpret 3 switches: /i (interactive mode) /qn (silent) and /x (deinstall), and since the msi's have to be started by setup, u can't change the path. i also tried editing the msi files, strange thing is, that my directory variables got ignored...

infos from:


search on "

MSI command-line switches supported by Symantec Packager"

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There's probably also a folder in there with Adobe Reader which can be deleted. My SFX RAR for NAV 2005 is about 22 mb, using best compression with solid archive.

The main things are, of course, Adobe, MS Internet Explorer, and the MSI installers, all of which can safely be eliminated if you're using XP SP2, and have Adobe already installed.

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