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XP repair install won't finish


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I am also having trouble doing a repair install of XP Pro.

Full version of XP Pro, only used on initial install.

All updates current including SP2, last updates were about a week ago.

After the repair install seems to finish and before the system re-boots the following is the error message i get...


Setup had problems registering the following OLE control DLL:


Contact your system administrator, who may provide assistance in diagnosing this problem.



Setup failed to remove the product catalog SP2.CAT.



The signature for Windows XP Professional Upgrade is invalid. The error code is 426.

The service has not been started.


Fatal Error:

Setup failed to install the product catalogs. This is a fatal error. The setup log files should contain more information.

Is this because of SP2 being installed ? ?

And is there a workaround for it. I'd rather not do a clean install at this point if i can help it.

Thanx in advance...

patio. B)

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It's taken me awhile to snoop around-- i'm still not sold on SP2 enough to install it:

I would try the following varied cures I've seen to that issue(s):

1. Temporarily slow down your cd rom speed(as much as you want / can), clean the cd, burn it to another cd & try that, burn to hard drive & try from there...

2. Swap out each & all ram sticks, flash bios, temporarily use fail-safe settings(even & especially those for the processor itself) AND slow down your bus speed-- say to 100 from 133. (no high internal temps anywhere inside, SMART report for hard disk ok?)

If not due to problem ram / processor-- once installed/repaired/updated, the settings can be restored & Windows has been reported to run ok......

The second point'll get me on a mini-rant: while there's wonderful technology coming out of Asia, there's also a lot of cheap/shoddy hardware-- Ram for one i'm seeing quite a bit more incidents w/ all over the net: (i'm becoming real dubious when not from known maker, esp. one offering lifetime guarantee).. there's a lot of flakey, unreliable memory-- it's just too tempting for unscrupulous persons to fiddle w/ the numbers, etc... msfn member erpdude8 i think would concur......

3. The common & numerous issues re SP2:

MSMVP MICHNA Windows XP Service Pack 2 Troubleshooter


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