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Best Registry Editor (Replacement for REGEDIT)


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For people like us, we always browse/manipulate our system's registry. Although Microsoft has provided us a powerful registry editor (regedit), it still lacks a lot of useful features. For example, regedit has a poor search feature. It will only let you see one result at a time, so you have to press [F3] repeatedly to see the exact key that you are looking for. Also, regedit doesn't allow exporting of single values. You can only export the entire key, which can be really messy most of the time.

I have tried Torchsoft's Registry Workshop and Lavasoft's Reghance. Both of these programs are good. However, I personally prefer Registry Workshop.

I'm really satisfied with Registry Workshop, but I still want to evaluate other softwares. Which do you think is the best?

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I'm not that sure you can find anything better than Registry Workshop.

I was searching for such a tool years now. Most of them were useless amateur and buggy apps, others just had no more features than plain regedit.

All that time, I used to work with RegCrawler because it was the only one able to search the whole registry in less time than regedit.

Then i've found Registry Workshop. I've got it registered and never looked back.

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Hi all,

I tested few registry apps and fianly I've choiced Registry Workshop.

It have many functions: Compare, Defragment, Backup and Restore Registry.

Moreover, I tested "Find" and "Export" for Roxio (v7) registry. I got with other apps a 1,5MB file with many doubled lines when Registry Workshop gave 300KB clean file.

Unfortunately i can't UA/silent installing it.

Does anybody know what are the swithed for silent install???



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