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Virtual Run Plugin


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I think there needs to be a plugin that will allow you to "virtually" execute a .xml script.

This would allow you to "test" your .XML file without actually adding/deleting users, registries, or executing and deleteing files. I think it would also be a good way to make sure that XPlode is displaying correctly, or the way you intended it to, by using a "timeout" period showing a progress bar during its test phases.

Let me know what you guys think.


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It's not that simple.

If it were to be implemented, the plugins would need to be rewritten, to allow for such a thing.

Or XPlode just wouldn't execute the plugins. And you wouldn't get the display stuff.

I have an.... idea... that I have been entertaining lately. It'll be with XPlode 5.0 (not the next release) and should implement something along what you've asked.

I should stop giving hints out. :P

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