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changing windows files (help).

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why not save yourself a bunch of trouble & copy them to the source directory (i386) & cab them (using makecab)

but if u must do it the hardway..

XCOPY /Y "%hacked%\newfiles\appwiz.cpl" "%windir%\system32\"

that should work

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Someting like this?

REN %WinDir%\system32\appwiz.cpl appwiz.cpl.bak
MOVE %HACKED%\NewFiles\appwiz.cpl %WinDir%\system32

And after a reboot:

DEL %WinDir%\system32\*.bak

But yeh, I was thinking the same thing as MCT, would save you a lot of trouble if you did that.

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thanks MCT

but i want to make it like XPize Installer



you sure it work i want to change the files when the windows is runing

and i have some system files like Explorer.exe shell32.dll msgina.dll mshtml.dll msxml3.dll taskmgr.exe

and i am using WPI .

and some files is stored in dllcache

thanks again

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The best way to add mod files is this

1\hack the files

2\makecab the hacked files

3\delete the source file in XPCD\i386

4\add your mod files

My Mod Files I Add With No Problem




This Link Will Start A DL

It Will Build This Dir %systemdrive%\shell

It will open Resource Hacker

In The File Menu The 3 Listed Files Are There Ready To Edit

Note Uxtheme does not need to be modified as i Have done it all ready, to allow for

custom themes.


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