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unattended audio player with wpi


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almost finished, just one bug with wpi itself :S I just can't seem to be able to include my .js file in wpi.htm (no, not wpi.hta). Well, I can include it, but can't call my functions in it, really weird. If I get that fixed, I'll post it.

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oh well, I give up, can't use an external js file :blink:

well so here are the instructions on how to have music during wpi, and that it continues playing after wpi has closed.

Before you start, remove the old code and files I provided a month or so ago (if you used it, wich I doubt many did :P).

1 - Download Music.rar

2 - Extract the contents of Music.rar into your WPI directory, if asked to overwrite, say yes. You now should have a Music map in your common directory.

3 - place all your music files in the files subdir of Music.rar, and don't forget to update settings.ini with your new files (You can remove the sample wma provided). There are some things you mustn't change in settings.ini:



You can skip this last step if you use the attached wpi.htm

4 - Now open WPI-directory\themes\default\wpi.htm (or some other theme) in any text editor. Copy - Paste the contents of music.txt (see attachement) between the HEAD-tags. Next scroll down to the place where you want the music controls to appear, and copy - paste the following code:

 <script language="Javascript">
 write_controls(100, 10, true);

Where the first number is the width of the slider in pixels, 10 is the startvolume ( volume in settings.ini, but between 1 and 10, try to approximate it, 0 becomes 10, -600 becomes 5, ...), and the last value is true or false, means if the player automatically starts playing (this is for people who want to modify the script for other players).

I've also included wpi.htm wich is meant to be used for the default theme, but watch out, the volume in settings.ini must be 0 if you use it.




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Actually, I don't have time lately because:

- university (projects, still have to there, some little works we have to make, learning too)

- sport

- life (yup, I have a life too :P)

- free time -> gaming and/or msfn

so you see, WHEN I have time, I'll help, but don't expect me to be around 24/24 and 7/7 :P j/k

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Ok, here's an update:

still no time :P

I'm really sorry, but my exams are very late, and they are requesting all kind of extra work from university that I really didn't have time for javascript :P I mean, I just finished 2 projects, presented 1 today, have to present the other one friday, still have to go to class, and next week the exams begin :S Let's hope that'll end well... :D


And no I have no time for WoW either ;) You might have noticed that my lvl hasn't changed (or barely) in the last month...

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