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How to Make Unattended CD for Newbies

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Astalavista, i have one question. With the solution you provided for the drivers, it is needed to do something more to have the drivers integrated in our unattended XP? Or is enough the lines you provided to put in winnt.sif?

By the way, great guide. :)

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Thanks 4 thise nice one but i can n't download thise attatchemnts


RegistryTweaks.exe (Winrar Self Extracting file - SFX)

Plz Fix the links or send it to my mail


Another request how can i put my driver for creative sound pci card as nvidia on my XP cd?

Thanks 4 u with my best regards

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i grabbed this file awhile ago..FYI:TrojanHunter(latest defs) reports a trojan in file RegistryTweaks.exe :w00t:

maibe its a false positive....just passing the fo ;)

Registry scan
No suspicious entries found
Inifile scan
No suspicious entries found
Port scan
No suspicious open ports found
Memory scan
No trojans found in memory
File scan
Found trojan file: D:\Unattended.Bootdisc.Tools\RegistryTweaks.exe/g8F.exe (Bropia.100)

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ya son :whistle: nice guide but where is nlite :P cuz if u do that, in 2 hrs its just nuts, im like 8 months into mine & im STILL not done, right now im kinda focusing on customizing windows GUI :D but ya, nice :D

LOL we will never get done there is always something to update or tweak......

I find that most of my hold up is finding the information ....

Let the people read the guide then play..

I find that sometimes thing just don't sink in then you come back later after and read the same thing by someone else you go bingo DOH on me...

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Hi, ive just had a quick go at making an unattended xp cd, however my answer file doesnt seem to be getting read. Ive gone and checked that ive put this in my Winnt.sif file & copied Winnt.sif & winnt.bat into the I386 folder.


Im using Virtual PC to check the image ive created but it loads stops at the point where it asks the user to 1. Setup Windows, 2. Create a Partition... if i manually select to setup it then asks to format NTFS, Quick Format etc..

Surely it should be completly unattended as selected when i created my answer file.

So far ive

Copied XP from CD to my Hard Drive

Slipstreamed SP2

Created my answer file & renamed it to Winnt.sif (No .txt at end) & copied that & winnt.bat to the I386 folder.

Then ive created my image

Tested my image with Virtual PC


The reason im doin this is that i build PCs for people and thought that alot of the people have no idea how to install windows so i would create a personal unattended cd for each person who i built a PC for, so that when their PC needs to be formatted they could do it themselves just by loading the CD ... would this be ok or breaking copyright laws with Microsoft?

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I have done the same also, i cant get mine to work . I have fairly good pc knowldege but i have zero programming or scripting skills. I have found many of these "instructions " lacking. They start off very good, then somewhere in the middle it jumps to the point where it does not work like what i see on the screen. The process is definetly not ready for prime time. I even had my wife read the instructions and try it herself , (just in case i was not following properly), she could not get the disk to work.

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