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Evenin' All!

Having a little prolem with my pagefile in XP Pro, i have wanted to move it from the sysem drive to improve performance and have made all the appropriate changes.

System Properties > Advanced > Performance > Advanced > Change

I have attempted to completely remove the paging file from c:\ (sysdrive) and move it to a 10Gb drive i have installed on a seperate IDE channel specifically for paging/swap at a fixed size of 2-4096 MB, all of the settings seem to be correct.

on looking for the pagefile.sys there is still one on my sysdrive that is unmoveable and corresponds to the currently allocated size of my page file and nothing at all on my seperate 10Gb drive.

Anyone got any ideas how i can sort this out?

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Heh, forgot to apply the settings?

you think i haven't thoroughly gone through this, rebooted the machine and checked the settings? edit: didn't mean for this to sound harsh if it does /edit

that is not the problem, believe me! i am trying to work out the reason why it is not changing position and was after any hints from anyone.

Think the next step i will take is to force the sysdrive pagefile to 2-3 MB, any overflow will have to go into the secondary setting for my swap drive and then create the file.

@ PuntoMX, for your information, my main HDD is an 80Gb and the swapdrive is a 10Gb, however, the 80Gb is something like 2 years older than the 10. I intentionally bought a brand new small HDD from an end of line company for it to be a swapdrive.

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I would use that 80GB harddisk for the SWAP-file, it´s faster.

Benchmark your drives. I know people say that if you have 2 drives, use the other drive to keep your swap file, but that´s only if you have a harddrive as fast as the one with your OS.

just test it, you will see ;)

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How do you mean faster? if you are talking about seek speed then it is inconsequential considering i have the swap drive on an IDE connection with no other devices, so all of the throughput will be for that drive individually, there will be no other requests running through it as there would be if the swap drive was on the same IDE/HDD as windows.

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Wait, when I say swapfile, then it´s the same as pagefile to me ;).

I just say that your virtual mem. will write/read faster from your 80GB drive altrough it´s the same drive as your OS is using, that´s all :).

It´s just that the 10GB will be slower... but why you don´t test it: You start a big game or so and check the time that it takes to start up. One swapfile on the 10, later on the 80.

Ten you tell me what is faster... pleased to hear from you :).

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