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"Stand Alone" Applications


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another little tidbit Ive found, it doesnt have to be that particular syntax either... lets say you wanted to leave the default profile intact, you could run firefox using -profile <whatever folder> and it will install and use that one.

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I am currenly using these programs that run out of the box, all freeware offcourse:

AccessEnum - Quickly view all insecure permissions settings

Autoruns - View which files run at startup

CDImage - ISO creator

Diskview - View where a file is scattered over a drive

FileMon - Realtime file monitoring

Hexplorer - Really good hexeditor, can even edits Disk sectors.

Hijackthis - Merijn's anti spy-ware tool

Metapad - Notepad replacement

mouserate - Check your mouse refreshrate in Hz

netscan - Quickly view all hosts on a network

pci32 - View PCI devices with information

procexp - Proces Explorer - Very enhanced Proces viewer

putty - SSH / Telnet client

RegMon - Monitor registry changes/accesses at realtime

ResHacker - Change resources in executables and dll's

Restoration - Restore deleted files

Rw - Remote Wake-up Utility

Sniffer - IP tools (network sniffer / prober / monitoring)

vcswap - Enable/Disable installed codecs

I just copy these programs over during my unattended installation.

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