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Router Problems...


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Ok, I recently added a D-Link Wireless 4 port router to my network which concists of a Linksys 8 port router and 6 computers. The linksys router provides internet trough a ADSL Alcatel Modem. I connected the wireless router to the uplink port of my linksys router and the only problem is: since I have the new router that the linksys router locks up sometimes, I especially noticed it when heavy traffic was going trough the wireless hub and the linksys router. Also, the only computer hooked up to my wireless router is the laptop.

Any suggestions?

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first its not a good idea to mix brand of routers. They conflict.

second, from cable router to wireless isn't such a good idea. The data go through wireless mode then down the uplink (pause) -- forward to gateway of 8-ports router -(pause) -- out on your main computer [firewall, modem, etc] out to ADSL network. Seem like a whole lot of breakers in your linkages.

Plus, update your linksys. There is a new version for the router (need to flash router).

D-link << I don't know this brand.

Wireless interfered through wall too.

Sorry couldn't help much. I had had many bad experienced with my wireless networking. if I was you just wired your house with cat 5e cable and you will be much happy.

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