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whats your scores?


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duh my arse Tris. How am I supposed to know everyone's email addresses. lol

I find it funny when americans use the word ARSE, its like they are now catching on after austin powers movies.

next they will be saying "bollox"!! :)

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arse. lol

Personally, I have been using that term most of my life. That is a long time since I am older than dirt. :D

Yes, it is an odd term for 'most' Americans. Sometimes my 'mates' look at me funny when I use it. Really, I just never gave it a second thought. lol.

Oh, I am presently d/ling "a** Worship 2, On Your Knees".

Maybe I should rename it to "ARSE Worship 2, On Your Knees"? :)

"Bollox" is a new word to me. Also, llama.

Just an old man trying to keep up with you young studs :rolleyes:

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u need to tweak your drivers tris like all the other nvidia owners that get 10k plus by altering the lod bias the textures will look like something that came out your arse but you will get a good score :)

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well if you like english cusses heres some more:


bollocks (as in testicles, also used like "oh bollocks i broke the pc")

bolloxed (as in drunk)

shagged, shag, shagging (see Austin powers)

p***ed, p*** head (as in drunk, drunkard)

Git (as in, ELITE is a Git)

Pikey (as in ELITE is a pikey - aka a Gypsy)

Gypsy, Gypo etc




oh im bored now....

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I decided that I wanted better image quality while I am viewing net pages. I made a purchase of a PNY Geforce 4 Ti 4600 to make this happen. I have a PNY Geforce 4 MX 420 that I was using and things seem to be a little grainy for me to look at.

After receiving the new video card and installing it I ran the 3D Mark Benchmark and found much to my surprise that the new card which I was thinking I should get a score of 10,000 or more only came up to 8,100 +. Now this was almost twice the speed of the lessor MX 420 card but things still did not set just right.

After tweaking and playing around, chatting with some of you on messenger and testing I decided that DirectX maybe the problem. Now I have done quite a bit of changing around in the past couple of months on hardware. I think that during all the changing around I some how in loading drivers and the like I may have accidentally loaded a lessor version of DirectX.

I found DirectX 8.1b and down loaded it. Now this is almost a 25 meg download, dial up users should be ready for a long wait if they need this software.

I installed 8.1b and now things are looking good both on the screen and the benchmark.


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Tinker, what is the url for the compare please?

MSNwar I did not do an on-line compare. Those are the reports for the on system test. What are the advantages of the on-line compare? Is this just one way that 3D Mark can hassle you to buy there product?

OK, OK......... Tinker's Score

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