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Create oeminfo.ini containing date of installation

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remember the date of your last unattended installation?

add this to your installation batch (oeminfo.ini must not exist yet)


SET D=%SYSTEMROOT%\system32\
echo [General] >> "%D%oeminfo.ini"
echo Manufacturer=Unattended XP-SP2 Installation >> "%D%oeminfo.ini"
echo Model=Professional Edition >> "%D%oeminfo.ini"
echo [Support Information] >> "%D%oeminfo.ini"
echo Line1=XP SP2 Professional Edition >> "%D%oeminfo.ini"
echo Line2=Unattended version (v1.0a) >> "%D%oeminfo.ini"
echo Line3= >> "%D%oeminfo.ini"
echo Line4=Date of installation: %date% >> "%D%oeminfo.ini"

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Thanks for the info, I added a few things to mine

cmdow @ /HID
set file=%systemroot%\system32\oeminfo.ini
if exist %file% del %file% /s
goto %computername%

echo [General] >> %file%
echo Manufacturer=Wayne Enterprises >> %file%
echo Model=%computername% >> %file%
echo [Support Information] >> %file%
echo line1=Your Installer Today Was >>. >> %file%
echo line2=Benners >> %file%
echo line3= >> %file%
echo line4=Vocation .............................. >> %file%
echo line5=Supreme Unattended Overlord :-)  >> %file%
echo line6= >> %file%
echo line7=Windows Version ..................... >> %file%
echo line8=XP Professional with Service Pack 2 >> %file%
echo line9= >> %file%
echo line10=Support Link ................. >> %file%
echo line11=Email addy here >> %file%
echo line12=Before Mithering Me,  STFW @ http://www.google.co.uk >> %file%
echo line13= >> %file%
echo line14=Installation Date >> %file%
echo line15=%date% @ %time% >> %file%
goto end

; different details here
goto end

; different details here
goto end

; different details here
goto end

; different details here


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im not that good in cmd commands so please help..

how to create that if no computername matches that than will run something generell?

e.g. maybe the name of the PC is 'HELLO' gut in cmd only



are in the cmd - how to do that HELLO get's something generell witch is in the CMD

(i know i can create OEM before with $$\System32\ - but the timestamp wouldn't be in present)

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I tweaked the batch file little bit and came up with below.It listes fixes under the svcpack directory so you could know which hotfixes you installed.

@echo off

SET D=%SYSTEMROOT%\system32\
REM delete oeminfo.ini if exists
if exist "%D%oeminfo.ini" del   "%D%oeminfo.ini" /q
FOR %%d IN (c: d: e: f: g: h: i: j: k: l: m: n: o: p: q: r: s: t: u: v: w: x: y: z:) DO IF EXIST %%d\WIN51IP SET CDROM=%%d

echo [General] >> "%D%oeminfo.ini"
echo Manufacturer=Windows XP-SP2 Setup >> "%D%oeminfo.ini"
echo Model=Professional Version >> "%D%oeminfo.ini"
echo [Support Information] >> "%D%oeminfo.ini"
echo Line1=Installation Date: %date% >> "%D%oeminfo.ini"
echo Line2= >> "%D%oeminfo.ini"
echo Line3=Installed Hotfixes:>> "%D%oeminfo.ini"
echo Line4= >> "%D%oeminfo.ini"

REM Line Number
SET i=5

REM List  quickfixes without exe extension
For /F "TOKENS=1 delims=.exe"  %%j in ( 'dir /B %CDROM%\I386\svcpack\KB*.exe' )do ( ( set kbname=%%j ) & (call :myprint) )

echo Line%i%=%kbname%   >> "%D%oeminfo.ini"
SET /A i+=1


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That is an awesome script.

2 suggestions though:

1) Can you make it delete any prior info in OEMInfo?

2) Can you make it display ONLY the hotfix name, and not the extension (".exe"), so that the info displayes "KB832414" rather than "KB832414.exe"?


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