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I get a popup-error message when running wpi. This appears after ~2min when the script installs the progs.

Sorry is on german: Ein Skript auf dieser Seite verursachte eine Verzögerung im Internet Explorer. Falls das Skript ausgeführt wird, verlängert sich die Antwortzeiten des Computers möglicherweise erheblich. Soll das Skript abgebrochen werden? Ja/Nein

Wpi is still running in the background till it reaches the max. number auf Apps [15] to install in one window. To go on further i have to choose nein (no). The error message disappears and the installation of the other applications after number 15 is possible.

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Nevrmind I figured it out m8.

Thank you VERY much I am now adding in a couple of rotating planets!!!!

Now the question would be how to save it to show all of you guys???

P.S. There was already a file named title in the viao folder that is what was screwin me up.

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