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Database Design

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Please could you Database/SQL Nuts please have a look at my database that will eventually hold the tweaks for my freely available tweak tool.

Link to Database v1.00.00

Link to Database v1.00.01 - Added Quiries as there where missing from the exported file

Please could you give me some pointers, as I am a novice when it comes to database design.

I will be using VB.NET to interact with the database and also ASP.NET

There is no website as I want to build it around my database and I want to make shour I have covered everything I will need later on.

I have got my database design in PowerDesign to only 5 Warnings ONLY from 30 and 6 Errors

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At the moment I am trying out a tool called PowerDesigner 10, its very good, but I'm having to learn it the hard way, trial and error :wacko:

Im getting there now, I have found easier to use then MS Access, but I did the basic design in Access first and then imported it.

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@Junkie: I'm curious, do you need these ID-fields of the relations at all? :huh:

It looks like you're referencing everything by name, etc. I prefer relations by absolutely unique IDs, because you won't ever get in trouble with duplicate records due to the fact that the system creates the primary key itself, I thinks that's pretty neat :rolleyes:

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