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DVD-RW and Missing Files on Unattended


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Is it just me or when your create your unattended DVD with CDIMAGE.EXE you get errors with frame dll, I think. its that comes up with a warning anyway when you use the command killtask and if you use Nero, you end up with files missing or corrupt?


Just trying out the same file and used CDIMAGE.exe to make the ISO and seems ok, no files corrupt on my ISO on M-VPC

Must be Nero or my burner (LG GSA-4120B, Firmware A111) its on a USB2.0 adaptor :blushing: but I dont see why that would make any diffrence

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It was my STUPID Laptops DVD Combo drive it had become miss calobrated, tried updating the firmware but I cant fine the one for my drive its MENT to have a Richo DVD-RW in it but it has a Lite-On DVD-Combo drive, nevermind it was a good laptop when i got it

Anyway all sorted :P

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