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SFC disabled. Can't get it to enable again.

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hey all..

having yet another problem.. i'm trying to get SFC to switch back on!

i HAD used the hacked sfc_os.dll file, and it works fine.

But now, i'm trying to replace it with an original one, so that SFC is NOT disabled...

i got a clean version from a HOME edition (while i'm using a PRO version), but XP didn't complain about this... so i'm guessing it should've worked! but didn't!

i'm pretty sure that i haven't used any registry changed to enable/disable SFC while installed, so am quite confused on why it's still disabled!!!



edit: and my SFCdisable in the registry is 0. (which should be the original setting i think)

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The file from the Unattended Guide link uses SFCSetting in registry. 0 turns it on. ffffff9d turns it off. May need reboot.

If SFC is off. You should be able to overwrite the system32 copy but delete the copy in System32\dllcache.

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