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WinPE 1.5 and Powerquest deploy centre


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Here are the parameter's effect:

/OVI=<number> Overlapped I/O. Controls the multi-threading used by this version. This switch is only used when restoring an image.

0 - no multi-threading.

1 - Overlap PQI reading and decompression with Disk writes (2 threads)

2 - Overlap PQI reading with decompression (2 threads)

3 - Overlap PQI Reading with decompression and with Disk writes (3 threads)

4 - Same as 0

5 - Same as 1

6 - Same as 2 but with PQI read-ahead

7 - Same as 3 but with PQI read-ahead

The default value is 3. Setting this value optimally can significantly improve performance. When the PQI is on the same disk as the partition that is being restored, the optimal value will probably be either 2 or 6.

In most other cases, the optimal value will be 3 or 7, unless the partition data is highly fragmented.

/PRI=<number> Set process priority. Accepts values 1-6.

1 - Idle priority

2 - Below normal priority (New to XP - not yet supported)

3 - Normal priority

4 - Above normal priority (New to XP - not yet supported)

5 - High priority

6 - Real-time priority

The default value is 3. If no other processes are running on the machine at the same time as PQIDeploy, this switch has very little effect. However, when other processes are running, such as system diagnostics, you can use it to control whether PQIDeploy runs at a higher or lower priority than those other


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Could someone send me the ImageCenter32 front end for PQADeploy?  I can't find it anywhere now that Symantec has taken over...

Ahhh.. The coveted Imagecenter32.

I have it. Symantec ripped it off the web page once they took the reigns.

It's not supported in anay way. It never went past version 1.0.

Give me an address to send it to.

You can't use it without PQI deploy and it's not a product that was "sold" so I see no harm in sending it.


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When I try to use Image Centre 32 in Winxp it runs fine. In Winpe with a 20mb ramdrive it refuses to run, complains that a picture or a bitmap is missing (cant remember the exact error)

Has anyone seen this? I cannot get it working in PE!!!! :realmad:

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