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make some changes in Win98 CD


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You need to copy the 98 cd to you hard disk, copy them to a folder called windows 98 cd or something, then once thats done, make the files and copy them into windows 89 cd\win98

theres loads of .cab files in there and your new files will join them, then burn the cd off and use it as normal

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how to change logo.sys & logow.sys & logos.sys with with this batch?

Not tested, but should work:

To change logo.sys, logos.sys, and logow.sys, simply copy your

.sys files to the Windows 98 installation folder (\Win98). These files

will be copied to the right place by the setup procedure automatically.

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I tested created msbatch.inf file for win 95, win 98SE and win Me. These working but i have problem with win 98. Setup dislay error when setting start menu items saying this: an error occurred loading c:\windows\system\schannel.dll

Tryed everything! Window header of message is: Internet Explorer 4.0.

Seems there is an error in setup.

I tryed with just this:

Version=3.0 (32-bit)

Signature = "$CHICAGO$"


And still the same!

I can't remember/find command for auto-ansver to an error. Someone knows for sure.

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