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Internet connection lost randomly with SP2


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Does somebody perhaps know how it comes that since I'm using SP2 for Windows XP, that after some time I have to restore my connection, because I've lost Internet and LAN connection ( well everything seems OK but isn't)

If someone knows the problem and how to solve I would be happy

nothing changed with my setup, just instead SP1, it's now SP2, it also happens to other pc's

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I had the exactly the same problem when I installed XP Pro on my computer. My DSL modem didn't renew the IP address after the time that my ISP asked for it (=30 minutes here). I had to restart my comp every time. Everything seemed to be ok, but even the the release/renew -commands didn't help.

Finally found out that it was my modem drivers ( which were the right ones, and worked with most of the computers) that didn't work right, and got the beta-drivers for my modem from the manufacturer and ever since has been working ok. So have been using beta-drivers for 2 years now :D

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I have a situation that is known to many users, I have 4 2003 servers that were using SP1, once SP2 was installed they lost Internet access, they can even ping the sites by name and the ping comes back ok, but the only way I have found to regain access is to un-install the SP2, now for company policies I need to have SP2 installed, any ideas? Seems like this has been happening on many computers, different operating systems with SP2 added, and to many customers all over but I can't find a fix, any help will be greatly appreciated.


Thank you

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