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How To 7zip Office 2003 (36MB) - Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint

Author: Astalavista

Support: Thread


Introduction: I recently became quite interested in 7zip and the advantages of using it
to compress files down to it min.

Here is a guide on how to reduce the size of your office 2003 from 630MB to 36MB

Have fun! :)

The link of the Support thread is not working.

:thumbup Thanks again for your efforts. :thumbup

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I've just launched a free tool to autamatize the deployment (download, installation and configuration) of great open-source and freeware software to XP computers. So far, more than 50 softs are ready.

Please, see for yourself :


Amongst features, it only deploys MSI packages. You keep full control about what is installed, and can uninstall everything easily through Windows control pannel.

We look forward your feedback.

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how about adding YAWI to the List on the beginning of this Topic? It is a great tool for launching Applications / Installers and though it is small it has a decent functionality and a config panel that can be used to automate the process of adding applications / silent installers!!!!

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