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How come that when on a website people can see the content on my hd.

What i mean is this: i use zonealarm+s&d+spywareblaster and no progs like messenger or icq nor do i use peer to peer .

Entering forums like thisone i do see often my ip-adres showed and also remarks like , there is a fault in my soundblaster audigy2 zs driver.

What do ido best to prevent all this spying.

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Your IP address being visible is not spying, it has to be visible for you to surf the net etc.

It is your address on the net much like your house address allows for the delivery if mail so your IP address allows for the delivery of information to you as you browse and use the net.

Some scare advertising say 'Your IP address is visible' - well it has to be, but they are praying on ignorance of how the net works.

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this is very simple, there is HTML coding that allows you to see your own hard drive. no one else can see your hard drive its just an embeded explorer page in your internet explorer. send the link to me and i'll bet i can see my hard drive from that site too.

as for the IP, thats just simple PHP coding. it checks which IP just recently brough up the website and displays it. which would be your IP. its no security threat.

heres the code to do it. its completly harmless, just copy and paste it into notepad and save it as html then open and voila!.

<iframe src="C:\"width="800" height="500">

Notice its in internet explorer... Firefox won't show it cause it says "C is not a valid protocal"


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Thanks for responding, BTW i use Firefox and Thunderbird on my WINXP-SP2 and i can't understand that reaction on my use of that modified driver for Audigy 2.

It must have bin being spotted on my disk and its true i used a modified driver.

How can i implement more security on internet use.

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If you're on a high-speed connection, install a router. Also, you could use a proxy server. Then the IP of the proxy shows up. You can also go into Admin Tools->Local Security Settings and adjust those accordingly (http://www.cisecurity.org/).

A really simple thing you can do is make sure your system is password protected.

Hope this helps

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ugh... people this isn't spyware, or viruses, no need to get a new firewall since this is all done through HTML see my response above. notice how its Icon in the upper left is the Internet Explorer Icon... this is done THROUGH HTML... if this bothers you that much just change your hard drive letter to like z:

they are either using the command I put up above.. or are using this command


try it out.. paste it in your address bar and see what happens...

As for the showing of IP's... that is done by servers recording what IP you came from and displaying it. Your IP is always gonna be on the internet.. an IP is basically the same as your Home Address.. its how your computer sends and recieves data much like how the postal service works for your house.

Only way someone can see your harddrive contents is if your computer has a Virus or a Trojan.. but in this case i'm sure your hard drive would be wiped clean by now.. and you would have bigger problems then you seeing your own Hard drive through your internet browser.

Links to sites:

http://www.informationweek.com/841/langa.htm *under the "smells like a scam to me" title*

http://www.pcguide.com/vb/showthread.php?t=20637 *someone else that fell for this "marketing" trick..*

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