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Soundproblems in games


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I have a problem when i play games (any games).

The sound dissapears unregulary, and then comes back, and dissaperas again. I only seem to have the problem ingame, but when i listen to mp3, or play any other mediafiles, in pure windows, it works wihtout any problems. I suspected that directx could have anything to do with it, but i cannot find any errors with dxdiag.

If anyone have any clue, please let me know.

I do not think it is hardware related, as it works in windows mode without any problems.


Soundcard: realtek AC'97

OS: WinXp Sp2 (but i had the same problem in sp1)

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Update for latest drivers.

Then rollback to older drivers.

Then unsinstalling audio device's -> reboot --> see what windows does.

That's what I'd try first.

Could be s Codec issue,

or Windows Media Player issue --> re-install that.


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Thx for the tips Lolly, however, I've tried almost all of them already.

After som further investigation, it seems that this onboard realtek soundcard is pure crap.

I found an old Soundblaster live card at a friend, and tried that one, and it works perfect, so for all of you with onboard realtek soundcards, just ditch them..:)

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