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I want a program to convert CMD to EXE


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My main goal with this ideal is to make an exe to where I can use an Autorun.inf for other programs.

After being tired of people asking me how to install their stuff *What do I click next?*

I make an silent install of it, make the cmd file to run them, make this cmd file to an exe to have it autorun once put in the CD/DVD Rom drive and BAMN...  It installs the stuff, they CAN'T possibly ask me DIDDLY other than how to use it of course.  :)

It has it's advantages unless someone knows a way or program that makes cmd file autorun


I use a combination of bat and winrar sfx (EXE).

My winrar sfx will uncompress my files to a temp directory

my batch (silent) will install the progs.

pretty simple

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Thank you Alanoll for introducing me to the block feature for P.M.s!

For everyone else, this RAR method won't work for me,

because I'm working on a larger scale.

I want extra DVDs for large programs like

Streets and Trips, Hallmark Card Studio, etc...

Cmd file to run one after the other...

Made into EXE

Autorun starts it once it's inserted in the DVD drive...

Bamn... Programs are installed! Put in DVD, that's it!

Kewl huh!

I'm going to have to look at this AutoIt... I've been seeing it left and right tonight!

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