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by and program can do that


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i want do lessons in Pdf file and in my lessons will put code and i want any one can copy this but i can do this

i saw the file called Unattended CD and it have code and any one can copy it

so how can i do that like this file


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1. To copy text from a PDF document, use the Text Select Tool and the text will remain editable.

2. If the text you wish to copy is in a column, choose the Column Select Tool. The column select tool maybe be in a submenu of the Text select tool.

3. You can also copy text with the Graphic Select Tool, however, it will be copied as a bitmap image and will not be editable as text.

-From About.com

and i agree with MCT.. that was very hard to understand what you ment in your first post.

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I think Muslim wants to make a pdf file.

In the pdf file he will enclose the code from some batchfile.

After that he will be abel to send the file to everyone whois interested en that those people can copy the code from that file.

What you can do Muslim is to do a search on the internet for a freeware pdffile creation tool.

You can transform any text to PDF format and distribute that copy.

A good tool to do so is http://www.pdf995.com/ but there are many more tools on the net

hope this will answer youre question.

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Mr Doenja understand me

i want make a pdf file which contain a batch code and publish this file in internet and i want anyone can copy these batch

I write the lessons in word and i convert it to pdf by adobe acrobat writer

ok how can I make this by word

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